Bring this "green" into everyday wear, make people feel good, heal anxiety

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With the gradual warming of the temperature, now is the time when the flowers are blooming and everything is spitting. Do you not want to come with some colors that look full of vitality, add a fresh spring green to your work or life? Most modern women take care of family and workplace, and are busy with various things every day. They are exhausted physically and mentally. They need some green colors to heal our psychology. We can bring this "green" into our daily outfits to make people feel better and heal anxiety.
Then how can we wear green singles in this spring? Now let's share some of the matching schemes of these green single products for everyone. If you like it, you can refer to it for reference.
The first one, "green shirt" commuting and casual wear method
①Commuter wind The same color has different effects due to different saturation, and green is also divided into several types. The picture on the left is elegant and clear water green, which makes people feel simple and clean. It is very gentle and delicate with a black irregular skirt. The picture on the right is a grayish green with black suit pants, smart and sharp, highlighting Elegant and dignified temperament.
②Casual style In daily wear, it is more relaxed and casual. The simple and elegant green basic shirt with light blue jeans makes you not need to think about the combination. Or choose a loose green floral shirt, with slim jeans, small floral and fungus decoration, very fresh and age-reduced, very suitable for lazy and comfortable holiday time.
Second, different styles of "green sweater"
fresh and clean green and gentle and delicate knit sweater fusion, showing a simple beauty. In spring, the fashion item that best reflects the matching skills, the sweater is second to none. Whether it is a skirt or pants, you can match the sweater with the style you want. Choosing a green sweater with a lower saturation and a white and light mesh skirt, or a smooth plain satin skirt, are soft and beautiful, both elegant and delicate.
green knitwear and shirts are stacked, which not only guarantees the temperature, but also shows our literary temperament. An olive green knitted vest is paired with a simple and elegant shirt. Both are simple basic models. After being stacked in this way, the immediate effect is different. It is both neat and age-reducing, and it has a rich sense of layering. It is very fashionable. The way to wear.
green sweater is not only a literary side, with blue jeans, and become fashionable and handsome. There are many styles of sweaters. You can give some design styles to add points to the details.
The third kind, the sweetness and romance of the "green skirt"
Summer is almost instant, small skirts of various elements can be arranged, like polka dot elements and floral elements are necessary, plus this verdant color, guarantee to let Your beauty is fresh and refined. After all, every girl has a girl heart to be germinated.
If you are a light and mature woman in her thirties or forties, you can choose some styles with skirts over the knee. Elegant, dignified and unique charm.
Younger girls can wear a slim green cotton T-shirt with a green skirt embellished with white and yellow florals on the lower body. The high waist style can highlight the small waist, Stretching the leg line has a very good effect. A yellow sweater can be worn casually on the shoulder, which is used as a scarf decoration to light up the overall tone.
The fourth kind, green accessories, the smell of spring in the details
does not necessarily need a large area of ​​green, there are many green trinkets that can be used for decoration, like green scarves, can be tied to the bag, tied to the wrist, most Obviously, it is tied to the hair, very fresh and bright, fashionable and beautiful.
Has no natural capital, but we have the ability to rewrite our destiny. Every beautiful and excellent woman can work hard to find a dress that suits her and create her own charm.
Thank you for being such an excellent person. You can also read Xiao Cui's article. I hope that some of Xiao Cui's insights can add to your outfit and make you closer and closer to beauty.
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