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What is Bear Palm Original Article?

I. What is original
Original refers to: a work created by an individual or team independently and with the only content. Works created by distorting, tampering with, or plagiarizing or plagiarizing others' creations are not considered originals.

2. Original data requirements
The original submission permission site has been opened, and the following format data should be submitted:
  • 1. Please submit data within 5 minutes of the original data release
  • 2. The original page URL must be newly generated, and the corresponding page content must also be newly generated original content; old content re-issues, old link updates and re-issues are all considered old links
  • 3. Please indicate the real publishing time of the page on the original page, accurate to the second
  • 4. Please indicate the author or source on the original page
  • 5. Cannot submit the URL that will jump when access (301, 302, etc.)

Third, the scope of original protection
  • 1. Video and audio category, including movie, TV series, music, etc. play page, list page, and plot profile page are not protected for the time being
  • 2. Lottery /blessings, including but not limited to lottery draw results, lottery fortune maps, etc. are not protected for the time being
  • 3. Tools (calculator, exchange rate conversion, translation, etc.) are not protected for the time being
  • 4. Login pages /authority pages /first page /index pages /list pages /navigation pages /search results pages whose main content is not a large segment of coherent text are not protected for the time being
  • 5. Commodity pages are not protected yet

Reference article:

内容, 别为, 熊掌, 数据, 原创文章
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